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we have kris sneed in the traffic center with the conditions on the roads early. but first howard bernstein is here to say we are in for a spectacular day. >> i don't know which is better, traffic or weather because the construction is done. weather wise what a weekend we had. temperatures in the low 80s on saturday an sunday. humidity is down and that's how we start this morning for you. checking the temperatures. 63 here. coolest i could find is 41 in bradford. locally we are in the 50s. down to 50 in martinsburg. probably a couple of 40s out there in the mountain areas in west virginia, shenandoah valley. and warm spot, thanks to the warmer waters of the chesapeake. annapolis 68. tappahannock, 55.
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bill in newland 57. upper 60s by 9:00. upper 70s to near 80 at noon and we will say the 5:00 hour today. south winds five to ten. a picture perfect forecast for your holiday. how about the traffic? anything going on? >> one incident to talk about in the district. it's an accident investigation in northwest dc and new hampshire and missouri avenue. it will be closed for a while this morning. we will keep an eye on that. 270 is all clear. frederick all the way to the split. moving to 86 eastbound no problems here from manassas all the way to the beltway. 395 northbound going to the district no problems there. that is a clear commute for drivers and then finally inbound new york no problems from the times building to the third street tunnel. prince georges county police are investigating a rash of strong armed robberies.
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the victims all university of maryland students. they are being mugged by several people near the college park campus. surae chinn reports walking at night in a group is no guarantee you will be safe. >> it's scary. it really is. but it is something you have to keep an eye out for. >> reporter: the muggings near campus are putting some students on edge. last friday, three umd students getting in to a car at this hotel at baltimore avenue and bear win road are attacked by three systems. >> reporter: a week later this past saturday morning a student walking on hartwick and princeton avenue is approached by four suspects. they steal money and run. >> frightening as a young female. >> reporter: all the crimes happen between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. it's also close to where christopher wallace is moving
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in today. >> it concerns me. no doubt that it doesn't. i accept it as a pack of life. >> reporter: the emergency blue boxes can't be anywhere but students get text messages on their cell phones, often times, moments after it happened? i got an e-mail at 2:10. it is really fast. >> prince georges county police have not said if the muggings are connected but the descriptions are similar with varying number of suspects between three to five in each case happening within a mile of each other within a week's time. surae chinn, 9 news now. prince georges county police are urging students to avoid traveling alone and report suspicious activity to police immediately. it appears we are not the only ones working on labor day. today the dmv will be open. a widespread computer problem shut down operations most of
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last week and some 400 employees will be on duty at the customer service centers today. a 2-year-old boy was pulled from a pool in anne arundel county but not in time to save his life. a family member made the rescue at the home on sunday morning. the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. no further details have been released. phony campaign brochures surfaced in prince georges county. the discovery is days before the primary election. those bro sures alsoly imflu that some candidates are endorsed by leaders. brooks is running for prince georges county attorney and said that voters being mislead by fake voting guides. >> my name appears on this as a person endorsed by senator
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muse. this is the fraudulent ballot and it has senator mousse's face on it but it does no endorse the persons inside the ballot. >> the key is to track down who did it an make sure they are exposed for trying to put this fraud over on the public. >> reporter: maryland attorney general doug gansler says his office will investigate complaints about the deceptive campaign literature and he says appropriate action will be taken against the perpetrators. maryland residents can take advantage of early voting this election season. voting centers open up through thursday. the hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. 700 voters are taken advantage of the labor day weekend and cast ballots in the dc primary. voting stations will open this morning from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. officials say the wait has not exceeded 15 minutes at any location. for early voting locations go to our website at
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federal investigators now have in their possession a key piece of evidence in the b.p. oil spill investigation. they are hoping the blowout preventer can provide answers as to what went wrong in the deep water horizon. last april, a methane gas bubble escaped from the under are underwater well and exploded on the rig. tony guida has more on the relation. >> reporter: rising slowly from the floor of the gulf of mexico, a 1 million-pound hunk of metal, once attached to the oil bell in the gulf, the blowout preventer that did not live up to its name. its recovery could be the roseetta stone to the worst environmental disaster in history. >> we want to know why it did not function the way it was supposed to and second, we don't want this to happen again. >> reporter: this was america's first look at the completion device that could have saved 11 a lives aboard the deep water
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horizon brig and prevented 200 million-gallons of oil from fouling the gulf of mexico and hundreds of miles of shoreline. this blowout preventer was supposed to slice through the drill pipe in an emergency and seal the well. it failed. >> it is possible the well head assembly had two pieces of drill pipe in it rather than a single piece and the blowout preventer wasn't able to sheer through both pipes. >> reporter: lifting the blowout preventer out of the sea was a painstakingly slow process that took almost 30 hours. when it was threatt admiral allen released this statement -- the oil industry in the gulf is treading water since the government's moratorium on deep water drilling. an engineer said a recovery of the blowout preventer may
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change that. >> knowing we have this on surface and the investigation moving forward we will be able to better get the industry up and moving again. >> reporter: it will take several days were the blowout preventer to reach land and taken to a nasa facility near new orleans. results of the investigation will be of great interest to the many victims of the oil spill who have filed hundreds of lawsuits because of it. cbs news, new york. the time is 4:38. living smart is next. when the news continues, it appears coupons aren't just for grocery shopping anymore. find out why businesses are banking on coupons to lure shoppers.
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welcome back. the roads are looking good. no problems making your way bowie toe beltway. angie? >> thank you, kris. the time is 4:40. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. wall street kicked off september with a bang and investors are hoping to keep the rally going when they get back to business tomorrow. stocks surged on the latest jobs report that showed even though the unemployment rate
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was 9.6%, private companies are hiring again. now, the dow is standing right now at 10447 after adding 127 points in trading on friday the nasdaq jumped by 33 points and the s&p was up by 14. september is national coupon month and a new study shows americans are using them more than in the past. it looks to build on a record- breaking trend trend. companies handed out 311 billion coupons between circulars an the internet and tech savvy shoppers are using them 23% more. delta airlines plans to upgrade seats on planes starting next summer. the business elite and economy cabins will get an overhaul with personal space and storage and on demand entertainment. if we will be crammed in there we will be comfortable with stuff to do. >> some entertainment. looking forward to that. the time is 4:42.
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still to come when the news continues, it appears more kids are hitting the gym to help look and feel better with the help of personal trainers. that's the focus of the health alert. while it is nice an quiet here, feeling like fall. the tropics are active. a new tropical system in the gulf of mexico. the full forecast for the week and that td-10 update when 9 news now
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seven people are safe an recovering after their boat started to sink 30 miles east of charleston. early sunday, the coast guard rescued four adults and three children from the 38-foot powered vessel. the wife of the owner contacted the coast guard when the group failed to return after the outing. willy bean was fishing on the potomac and noticed something strange in his net.
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he caught a deadly eight foot long bull shark them 300-pound killer was the mouth of the potomac at corn field harbor, a mile away from point lookout state park and that's a swimming beach. >> don't venture out too deep is what you are saying i guess. >> i was reading this and apparently the bull shark is unique because it can tolerate fresh water and that's kind of how these things can happenment. >> some salt water coming in from the south. >> i thought it was funny, the guy willy who pulled this out of the water, he was like we have jaws and that was the quote, we are going to need a bigger boat. if we are heading out on the boat today? >> sun screen, slather it up today. spf 70. maybe 35. it will be bright out there. navy is hosting the terrapins in baltimore at 4:00. a perfect day. >> i'm an army brat. >> perfect day for football. i don't know if they are playing but i know navy is up
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there. it will be 84, 85 at kickoff time at 4:00. beautiful weather for that. look at what we have going today. highs between 80 and 85. 68 by 9:00. 5:00 p.m. in the lower 80s. air quality is good and code green. great weekend weather continues. and then tonight, mainly clear, comfortably cool. south winds at five. sunset 7:31. looking good tomorrow. it will be a little warmer and breezy at times in the upper 80s. south winds 10 to 15. average high is 83. we are making it. slowly but surely. look at the dry air. the yellows and browns. dew.s in the 40s and 30s in spots have moved in replaced the 60s. norfolk is on the humid side. our dew point down to 50. when you have dry air, light winds, clear skies, temperatures really drop. in cumberland it is 46.
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same with williamsport. 41 in bradford pennsylvania. 63 here in town. ocean city, atlantic city in the 50s and norfolk in the mid- 60s. winchester 52. petersburg 48. the bay, bay temperatures in the lower 70s. annapolis 68. 55 it's a beautiful morning in cambridge and tappahannock and fredericksburg and gaithersburg checking in with 57. 63 clear skies at national. a light northeasterly wind at six miles an hour and the dew point 50. oh, that's a good number this time of the year. the air feels good. while it feels good around here you can see what is going on around the country. plenty of storms from the northern plains and rockies through the great lakes. these are north of us in pennsylvania. an then in the gulf of mexico, check this out. this is a new tropical
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depression. classified last night td number ten. it would be hermine. it should make terror strength the next day or so coming on shore south of brownsville and bringing rains across south texas the next couple of days. right now 378-miles from brownsville but that is it. a fairly quiet tropics for you. show you what we expect the next 36 to 48 hours. not much here. remember the weather we looked at a moment ago, staying to the north. but a front is coming as we head to wednesday. you can see it lining up to our west with some showers and storms. here we are wednesday, 4:00 a.m. the next best chance of rain. we really need rain but the rain chances with this front are pretty light wednesday afternoon. maybe this upcoming weekend we will feature a chance of showers and storms. as far as high temperatures today, check it out, 70s williamsport to the mountains, new york about 80, 83 ocean
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city. 85, 83, 84, 85, in that range. and richmond and roanoke in the middle 80s. the seven-day forecast, we're in good shape this week. low 80s. upper 80s on tuesday, near 9 a on wednesday. ahead of that front could be a shower. back in the 70s on thursday. the upcoming weekend 80s and shower in to sunday morning possible. kris sneed is quiet morning. >> so far it has been pretty quiet. we have one issue in the district northwest area. it is an accident investigation. new hampshire avenue and missouri avenue the area will be closed for a while this morning. if you want to get it take south capitol to ring ham street to get to new hampshire avenue. the outer loop in maryland things are looking good 95 to 270. no issues to report. and then going back to the traffics, route 4, route 5, 301, no word of any problems out there this morning. very light out there, as well.
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going to the beltway in virginia, inarea and outer loop, everything is looking good between the american legion and the wilson bridges. and check out 95 northbound in virginia. you can see if you are coming up from dumfries to the prince william parkway here to the mixing bowl, no problems and everything is clear and good. angie? >> thank you. in the health alert, when it comes to getting a colonoscope pi, you may want to have a castro interrologist perform the procedure. research shows that older adults that see a family doctor or internist are more likely to need the procedure within a year than compared with patients that have gone to a gastroenterologist to find an exam. you may want to ask about how much experience they have had performing the procedure. kids who spend their earliest years at day care maybe at a lier risk of developing eczema, a condition
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that leads to itchy scaly skin. the study found those who attended day care before age 2 were 80% more likely to develop eczema. the reason may be that children in day care may be exmeasured to more allergens than at home. girls exposed to lead early in life may take longer to hit pubberty. they analyzed the blood sampleses of girls and found those with elevated levels of lay were 75% less likely to have hormones associated with the beginning of puberty. parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids active and not watching television, especially with the growing trend of childhood obesity. but how far will some parents go to keep their kids in shape an weight under control? anita brickman explains. >> reporter: dyson is only ten but already working with a personal trainer.
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>> i'm slightly overweigh and i want to get it done, get more active. >> reporter: with childhood obesity skyrocketed, dyson is part of a growing trend. parents are paying as much as $75 an hour for personal training sessions with some children as young as three. dyson is 5'3" and 160-pounds. that prompted his father to get help. >> it is not healthy for a kid to have that weight at his age even though he is tall. >> reporter: it is not all about lifting heavy weights. >> their bones and tendons aren't fully developed where they can handle that. >> reporter: jumping jacks, pushups and sit ups are part of his workout. >> it makes me feel better because i'm active and suits me perfectly. >> reporter: he hopes his son will lose weight and gain
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confidence. >> preventing early excess weight gain has long-term benefit reducing the riff of adult diabetes and heart disease but experts say to avoid injuries parents need to make sure their children are working out with a certified trainer that knowledge of exercises designed for kids. >> the time is 4:53. if you think we have bad traffic troubles out here, motorists in china can get stuck in traffic for days on end, but now there could be a solution. we'll be right now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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frightening moments for a family in philadelphia when a deck collapsed. witnesses say it buckled under the weight of the people on it. >> frightening. >> somebody could have gotten killed. scary. >> in my mind, i went like what the heck is going on? >> i don't think i want to go on a deck after that. it is scary. >> we seem to get a story like this every holiday. eight people were taken to the hospital. this morning we have learned that everyone is okay. commuter anxiety could soon solve real traffic nightmares in china. the country has been crippled with traffic jams that stretch for miles an last for days but a new mode of transportation could solve all of that. >> reporter: think traffic is bad where you live? try beijing which recently topped a survey measuring
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commuter pain and where traffic jams can stretch for miles and last for days. not surprising in a city with 4.5 million vehicles for 20 million people. but this bright idea, called the straddle bus, part bus, part train, part moving tunnel could soon solve real traffic nightmares. using a mix of solar power and electricity, it runs on tracks that can be installed on existing roads, allowing small vehicles to drive underneath. the price tag is $400 million. the bus could reduce traffic congestion because it doesn't occupy road space. the idea is proving a hit with urban planners from the u.s. to india but it is beijing where it is gaining traction. near desperate times call for
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desperate measures. a 75-mile backup of cargo trucks has frustrated drivers since mid august. if we don't stay in line we have no way to enter beijing explains this man. he will need patience. the traffic jam is expected to drag on until december when road construction is complete. in central beijing, roads to the north, stretching for miles all the way to the south are packed at all hours of the day. traffic is a defining feature of the city, creating a headache for those who live here. beijing is investing in pub transport. miles of new subway tunnels, bike lanes and express bus routs but little will to break the depend dnc on cars. >> the first half of 2010 was auto sales and related consumption. >> reporter: beijing was the kingdom of big and now is car
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crazy. some bleach the straddle bus can give the chinese capital a chance to regae gain a piece of the past. happy labor day, everybody. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane this morning. kris sneed is in the traffic center with the traffic coming up but first what a cool start to our morning, howard. >> cool in so many ways, not just weather wise. had a great weekend, a great day for you but this week will feature ups an downs. >> let's talk about today. >> today will be great. >> you need a jacket. some areas in the low 50s an even 40sin the mountains. low 60s here in town. satellite and radar we go back 12 hours because we can show you any showers and storms you, see them near cleveland they are pulling away from us, staying away from us. 46 cumberland. 48 martinsburg. lerg

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